Author - Michael H. Minton
What Is a Wife Worth? is a book that will give homemakers and their spouses a surprising new perspective on what it means- in dollars and cents- to be “just a housewife.”

It is required reading for every woman who is a wife, has been a wife, or has ever thought of becoming a wife. According to Michael H. Minton, the modern American housewife should earn a substantial salary each year in her capacity as a cook, teacher, nurse, waitress, dishwasher, cleaning woman, secretary, and hostess.

In a chart he developed, Minton shows that the replacement costs of hiring people at the lowest going rate to perform the tasks that housewives do on a regular basis add up to an impressive sum. As a result of Minton’s efforts, the courts in more than thirty-one states have recognized the economic contribution of wives to their marriages. Although the information in this book has been brought forward as a result of Michael H. Minton’s work as a family law attorney What Is a Wife Worth? is aimed at strengthening marriage by clarifying the importance of the homemaker’s role


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