Board Certification

Why Board Certification?
Whether they advertise or not, most lawyers claim expertise in particular areas of law. However, not all possess the experience and competence implied by their declarations or ads. This leaves consumers of legal services at an extreme disadvantage when faced with the daunting task of selecting qualified and experienced representation.

About NBTA
The National Board of Trial Advocacy was created in 1977 to illuminate the gap between the claims and the realities of attorney specialization. Its mission has been to improve the overall quality of the legal profession by implementing a set of rigorous and objective standards to which practitioners could aspire. And in so doing, provide consumers of legal services a meaningful tool for choosing qualified and experienced counsel.

Becoming Board Certified
Each certificate holder has undergone a demanding process which begins with an application and ends with a day long exam. In between, attorneys must document their experience, prove that they devote at least a third of their practice to either civil or criminal trial advocacy, submit writing samples for evaluation, show proof of actively pursuing continuing legal education, submit references from three attorneys and three judges, and prove that they are a member in good standing of their state bar.

Staying Board Certified
Beyond the initial application, NBTA makes an on going effort to ensure that its members maintain the highest standards of professional conduct. Certificate holders are required to submit a disclosure of misconduct annually and must recertify every five years.

Members account for their professional activities for the previous five years when recertifying. They must continue to devote at least one third of their practice to their declared specialty as well as complete 15 additional trial days, show proof of on-going course work, submit three additional references, and another disclosure of misconduct.

Demand Experience
When you require a lawyer's services, don't settle for someone else's word. Demand an NBTA board certified attorney. There is no substitute for independently verified specialists.


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