Author and Speaker Michael H. Minton
Mr. Minton has lectured to Bar Associations in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Canada, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Ohio. Articles authored by Mr. Minton have been published or cited in NBA Institute Seminar Publications, Trial Diplomacy Journal, Journal of Forensic Economics, The Halm Library Publication and other legally sponsored or related publications around the country.

Mr. Minton was selected as the Consulting Editor for the 1997-1998 Nochol’s Illinois Civil Practice with Forms Volume 3A which covered Topics of Trial Practice and Procedure. He has also served as an Editor on the Board of Editors of the national publication entitled “Fair Share” since 1982. Below is a small sampling of books, articles and speaking engagements by Mr. Minton

What's a Wife Worth?
The Leading Expert Places a High Dollar on Homemaking

William Morrow and Company, Inc. New York, November 1983 - Hardcover
Moderator, Lawyers Challenge for Children Program
Child Custody Issues in Illinois
ATLA Convention - San Francisco 1999
Closing the Circle: How to Give a Stunning Summation
Medical Educational Services Seminar - Chicago 1998
Women in Transition
ATLA/ITLA Trial Practice Seminar - DePaul School of Law 1998
Barrington Women’s Club Presentation
January 1998
The Intentional Infliction of Emotional Abuse
ATLA Convention, Washington, D.C. 1998
Valuing the Economic Contributions of the Homemaker
ATLA Convention, Hawaii 1998
Featured Speaker
ATLA Convention, New Orleans 1996
ATLA 50th Annual Convention Featured Speaker
ATLA Convention, Boston 1996
Child Custody and Visitation in Illinois
NBI, Inc. Seminar, 1995
Family Law Litigation in Illinois
NBI, Inc. Seminar, 1993
Effective Family Law Practice in Illinois
NBI, Inc. Seminar 1993
Child Custody and Visitation in Illinois
NBI, Inc. Seminar, 1992
Your Legal Rights and Remedies in Divorce
The Phoenix Group, 1992
What's a Wife Worth? The Leading Expert Places a High Dollar on Homemaking
McGraw Hill, Inc., New York 1984 – Paperback
Jarrett vs. Jarrett: The Custody Cross Road
Northwest Bar Journal, 1980
Use of Experts in Matrimonial Cases
Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, Vol. II Chapter 19, 1977, Chapter 24, 1981


Evette Boyle, with attorney Michael Minton got 70% of the marital estate.
SMART MONEY June 13, 2007

IN THE NOT-TOO-DISTANT past, Jo Cooper-Ellis's divorce from husband Peter might have netted her the house and some paltry monthly payments. But in the 21st century, the math of divorce is drastically different. In court in Vermont, Jo won not only $10,000 a month in alimony and child support, but also Peter's entire retirement portfolio — and $1.2 million worth of his unvested stock options at the software company where he's an executive.
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Post-Nuptial Agreements Gain Popularity
More Couples Signing Contracts After Saying "I Do"

Chicago attorney Michael Minton should know. He drew up the post-nup for Michael and Juanita Jordan.

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